Chris Moss Online

About Chris

The Basics

  • Birthdate: 03/22/1971
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Eyes:  2 (blue)
  • Hair: Brown, short
  • Reside: Frisco, TX (a suburb of Dallas)
  • Hobbies:  Travel, music, computers, running
  • Husband: James Nunn

I was born into a poor sharecropper’s family on the humid banks of the muddy Mississippi Delta….wait, scratch that. Wrong biography.

3/22/1971 – Born in Spring Branch hospital, Houston, TX.

1/23/73 – Brother, Jason, born in Houston.

Fall ’74 – moved to Kinston, NC

Winter ’75 – moved to Santa Barbara, CA. I have memories of a camping trip my parents took us on, which involved a pop-up camper trailer and sticking our feet in a stream that had algae on the rocks…I remember the slimy feel of the algae on my feet and the smell of new canvas shoes my mom bought my brother and I for the trip. I also remember having “avocado wars” with other kids in the neighborhood. We lived in a rented house that was near a small avocado grove.

Summer ’76 – moved to Orlando, FL. Here I started school at Shenandoah Elementary and attended Kiddygarten and 1st grade there. I remember most things from then on. We lived on a street called Arajo Ct and we used to tear up and down our street on Big Wheels. I must have gone through 3 of those. We also had a Green Machine, which you steered with levers that turned the back wheels. My dad built a race car that my brother and I pushed each other around in, although somehow I’m sure he pushed me more than I pushed him. I learned how to ride a bicycle, it was a blue Schwinn that I would push myself around on and lift my feet up until I could keep my balance while pedalling. One time I was following my dad’s car as he was going somewhere and I rear-ended him on my bike! My brother had fallen over or something on the sidewalk, so I was looking at him and my dad had stopped his car – WHAM! I must have blacked out briefly because I woke up on the couch. I don’t remember apologizing for denting the car.

Summer ’78 – moved to Marshall, TX. We lived in Oak Manor apartments for a while until our house was finished. Lived on Jeff Davis St, and attended Davy Crockett Elementary for grades 2 – 4, then Sam Houston MS for 5 -6.

Summer ’83 – moved back to Orlando, FL. Lived about 40 minutes out of town in an area called Isle of Pines. I didn’t like the people out there, although where we lived was cool because there weren’t a lot of people and we could ride our motor bikes. Most of the people who lived out there were weird. A pre-fab (Jim Walter) home was being built across the street from us and it burned down one day.

Summer ’85 – moved to Panama City, FL. Actually lived in a suburb called Lynn Haven in an area called College Point. There was a historical marker nearby and the remains of concrete block buildings that used be part of Bob Jones University, which was later relocated to South Carolina. Bob Jones Univ is notoriously conservative and racist. The deserted remains of the college were creepy. Attended Mowat Jr High and graduated from Mosley High School, June 1989.

August 1989 – moved to Tallahassee, FL to attend Florida State University. I lived in a mobile home and went to FSU for one semester only.

December 1989 – moved to Longview, TX. Parents moved back and I followed, because I really loved Texas. Went to Kilgore College for the spring semester, then took Accounting in the summer. Worked on the 1990 US Census as an enumerator. It was actually pretty fun.

August 1990 – moved to Denton, TX and enrolled at the University of North Texas. Lived in Denton one semester in an apartment. Started working part time for John Deere as the coordinator of their student employment program.

December 1990 – moved to Lewisville, TX into an apartment that I shared with my brother. Sometime around 1992, I moved into a one bedroom apartment that was nicer.

May 1993 – graduated from University of North Texas with a BBA in Entrepreneurship.

August 1993 – went to work for State Farm Insurance as an Auto claims adjuster. I made the cut from 75 applicants down to a training class of 15. I think I got the job because when I interviewed with the recruiter on campus, she had just been told her car was parked in the wrong spot. She asked me where she could park and instead of telling her, I went with her and showed her.

September 1995 – moved to Coppell, TX

June 1998 – moved to Frisco, TX

September 1998 – met James; life has never been the same.

May 2000 – went to work for Chubb as an Environmental Claims Examiner. Zzzzz.

January 2001 – James and I moved into our first, brand-new, custom built David Weekley home in Frisco.

October 2001 – James and Chris adopt Bosley from Operation Kindness

July 2002 – James, Chris and Bosley adopt Colby from Operation Kindness

October 2002 – Went to work for Taylor Risk Consulting