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Is it Spring Already?

What a gorgeous day! And what better to do on a beautiful day than to enjoy my new hobby of geocaching. Ian had decided he wanted to try this. Last night while at their house, Ian, Brian M and I tried one close to their house, but it was way off in the mud and we eventually got to a creek and had to turn back. So today I found several easier ones nearby and Ian and I tackled them. We found six in total, including my first multi-cache. It was SO much fun! Just before the final one, Ian and I treated ourselves to some hard earned Margaritas at Gloria’s! A couple of these were really thrilling when we discovered them – it was very dramatic on the last one when I flipped over this big log with my foot and there was the cache underneath. There was neat stuff in there! I hope next weekend offers the opportunity to do this again. Tonight it will be steak for dinner and a movie and probably a round of Scrabble with James and Brian.

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