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A Golden Band

I don’t know how many country songs have been made about the significance of wedding bands, but I need one. I’ve wanted James and I to have a nice matched set for a while now, but it is quickly progressing to a need rather than just an “I want.”

I stopped to get my hair cut today and the 40ish divorcee cutting my hair was pretty much shamelessly flirting with me. Ordinarily, even when it’s a cute guy, I’m pretty oblivious to these things. It either dawns on me later on or well after I should have noticed it. Well, it was way past the point I should have noticed it and I suddenly became uncomfortable by it; it actually freaked me out a little. I guess part of it has to do with the fact that I couldn’t just make up a reason to leave, as you could do if you were simply having a conversation with someone. She was in the middle of cutting my hair! Where’s Layton when you need him??? ๐Ÿ™‚

For you straight men who might be interested, she’s 40-ish, recently divorced, likes antiques and kids. She’s definitely not unattractive and seems to take care of herself. In the mean time, I need a wedding band.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wedding Band
    Chris, I don’t want to disillusion you, but don’t think for a minute a wedding band will prevent middle-aged divorced women from flirting with you. It’ll probably keep the guys at bay, though.


  2. Anonymous

    Estoy Aqui!!!
    I swear I need to get a beeper so I can come to the rescue of any of my gay friends in need of a personal bodyguard from all of those dangerous vaginas out there.

    Next time you know how to get a hold of me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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