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Sony Taking DRM Too Far

I stumbled across this article today which explains how a computer spyware expert learned that Sony had planted a little stealth program onto his PC via a CD he bought published by Sony Music.

His explanation of how he found it was remarkably clear and simple for a civilian like myself. So, not only is the story notable simply for the revelation about Sony’s heinous actions (which are likely to get them sued) but it’s a good tech article as well.

It may be about time (again) to hose down my hard drive and spray it with bleach. As far as Sony’s spyware – I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

2 thoughts on “Sony Taking DRM Too Far

  1. Anonymous Post author

    I was looking at my site traffic today and saw I had traffic from your site. I was shocked. The strange part was that I was thinking about you on my way to work this morning. Seemed like an odd coincidence.

    Miss you…

    How is James?

  2. Chris Post author

    Re: Wow
    Howdy & welcome. Yes, there is a link somewhere on one of my older posts to your blog so someone must have travelled over to you from there.

    James is good, you can see what he is up to at

    Don’t be a stranger!

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