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So I finally saw the Rolling Stones on Tuesday. Layton wrote a really excellent summary and I won’t try to post a sorry, half-assed excuse of something similar. Great show, loved it.

Got to thinking about the shows I’ve been to, so here’s a list of who I’ve seen perform live. The number in parenthesis is the number of times I’ve seen them if it’s more than once:

Jimmy Buffett (12)
The Black Crowes (4)
The Tragically Hip (3)
R.E.M. (2)
Counting Crows (2)
The Neville Brothers (2)
Hootie & The Blowfish (2)
Crosby, Stills & Nash (2)
Ian Moore (2)
Elton John
Pink Floyd
The Rolling Stones
Pearl Jam
Van Halen
ZZ Top
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Steve Winwood
Violent Femmes
Fiona Apple
The Iguanas
Willie Nelson
Jerry Jeff Walker
Randy Travis
Kenny Rogers
Ronnie Milsap
Eddie Rabbitt
Steve Wariner
Dannii Minogue (OK, she did one song at Sydney G&L Mardi Gras)

Some shows I need to see, in order of importance:

Eric Clapton
Elton John (need to see him again, because the first was a poor seat (GA) and a poor venue (Starplex) and needs to be rectified!

I’m open to suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Concerts

  1. Greg Gallop Post author

    Stones Cherry?
    I thought you had seen The Stones before?!? Are you telling me you just popped your Stones cherry? Way To Go! It was righteous wasn’t it! I’ll have to check out the review. Did James go with you? What was the Aussie perspective?

    Peace, Love, & Satisfaction,
    Greg Gallop

  2. Anonymous Post author

    1st Time
    Yep, t’was the first time for me. The Aussie stayed home so you’ll have to find another one to ask for their perspective. It was quite a good show, well enjoyed by all. Make sure to read Layton’s review.

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