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Utopia Beckons

Okay, maybe it isn’t utopia but nonetheless one of my fav-o-rite places in the whole wide world. James and I knew we would be going this year at least, but now we have a good idea when and that there will be “big doin’s” and other reasons to celebrate and generally be happy.
So now all I have to say is this:

Well I hope you understand, I just had to go back to the island
And watch the sun go down
Hear the sea roll in
I’ll be thinking of you
And how it might have been
Hear the night bird cry
Watch the sun set down
Well I hope you understand, I just had to go back to the island

More profound posts on this topic to follow.

Current mood: Giddy
Current music: Back to the Island – Jimmy Buffett

5 thoughts on “Utopia Beckons

  1. Greg Gallop Post author

    Where, Where, Where, Where, Where, Where, Where, Where, Where???
    Too much teasing… Where are you going?

  2. Chris Post author

    Try Again
    Ian’s blog was offline for a while the other day. Server maintenance. Or, too much porn. Not sure which.

  3. Ian Post author

    I wish…
    I wish the problem was too much porn. No, I think there are some serious issues with my server. Processes randomly stop running and the server sometimes hangs. I have no idea why this happening. I suspect that it is slowly dying. I’m too lazy to do more research. I really should start building a replacement but I’m not in the mood for such a huge effort. So I live with the downtime (unlike some users who complain constantly – I won’t say who they are).

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