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Art Imitates Lives

In addition to the bars, restaurants and crap shacks on Duval St in Key West, there are quite a few stores where local artists offer their handiwork for sale. One of the better ones is a “co-op” called 7 Artists. Works from seven different artists is available, each with very different styles. My favorite is actually a guy called Egg but we’re not quite ready to throw down that much for sculpture. It would definitely be worth it, but will have to wait a bit.
TOGOWHADDA.jpg smarttoo+.jpg
We satisfied our need for some local art by picking up some prints that reminded us of our dogs. The prints are just beautiful, but by coincidence they are also eerily similar to our actual dogs. So, these two now hang proudly over the dogs’ eating area.

The artist is David Scott Meier, and as it turns out, I love his stuff, too. Check out his website from the link above. I suspect there will be more of his work in our house one day, too. It’s all very creative, fresh and happy. I really like the “Prayer For Rain” and “Moonsong” also.

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