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I read this story in the Wall Street Jounal on Friday. I’m glad the story made it to another site, because I wanted to blog about it but the WSJ online is pay site, so there was nothing to link to.

That’s pretty abyssmal but not surprising that politicians and lobbyists will resort to such dishonest tactics. Even with news, especially political news, people need to be vigilant and behave just like a consumer: caveat emptor. It’s amusing that, just like in the fast-moving tech sector, there’s even a new term for this: “astroturf,” meaning a false grass-roots movement.

3 thoughts on “Astroturf

  1. Greg Gallop

    That is very interesting! I never thought about with all of the high tech capabilities how easy it would be to spoof a grass roots effort. Looks like that is a dangerous tool that could go both ways. Like you said – caveat emptor. But really… How many voters today look at the issues and how many vote for a candidate like a prepackaged product? Coke for Prez.

  2. Greg Gallop

    I’ve heard that Dr. Pepper isn’t REALLY a Doctor and that A&W has an illigetemate child named Cream Soda. I don’t think either of them stands a chance to win. Jolt has that drug rap that it will have a hard time shaking too.

    Then again Sprite is backed by R.J. Renolds. Tobacco money spends well you know. It could be an interesting campaign.

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