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Weekend Update

Had a pretty nice weekend. Friday started off with our usual coffee, which is always enjoyable. Tried a new Mexican place, Cristina’s, that just opened up. Brian M and Paul came with. It was okay – better than Posado’s but not as good as Hacienda. James liked it better because it wasn’t as spicey.

Saturday was pretty lazy – I wanted to do some geocaching but I thought it was a little cold (50) and it was meant to be warmer Sun. I ended up puttering away most of the day and then we decided at the last minute to have steak and we had Ian over while Bobby went to taste some pianos or something (read his blog to find out more). I have to say, I can grill a pretty awesome steak and it’s about as good as some of the pricey restaurants. I always enjoy it with mushrooms, bleu cheese and red wine – it’s a fantastic combination of flavors! We then went to see “In Good Company” with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace – pretty good.

Today I took the dogs geocaching and we found 2 but there’s this one nearby I can’t seem to find. It was only about 40 out today, so I should have gone Sat. Jonas called and wanted to go caching, so I went down that way and he, Scott and I and their 2 dogs found 2 more caches – including a “travel bug”.

I’m planning to visit my friends Tim & Kate in St. Pete in two weeks to see their new baby, Isaac. I can’t wait! I guess I’ll take the travel bug to Florida.

Current mood – tired
Current music – “Up All Night” by Counting Crows

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