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john-mayer.jpgJohn Mayer has a new album out, “Continuum”. Do yourself a favor and go get it and listen to it.

John Mayer has been my favorite new artist for about 3 years now. Music in general went through a weak period, but it’s getting better. The further through time we go, the more influences new artists have. John Mayer reaches back to the “right” kinds of influences – heavy blues and classic rock. He’s influence by guys like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elton John and others of that ilk. I read an article about him before I ever heard any of his music. The author had seen him live and the debut album was about to come out, and the single most people know is by John Mayer, “No Such Thing” had just started playing in heavy rotation. The thing that stuck with me was how humble this guy seemed, and I was struck by his claim that he just wanted to make “good music that lasts.” I think that is he is staying true to that. He seems more interested in created good music that he likes, that he hopes other people like, and that stands the test of time. Timelessness – what a goal!

Besides making great melodies and having a smooth, sultry voice, John Mayer often writes these great, sexy lyrics that I just love, like those in “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Come Back to Bed” and now “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.”

One more thing. I always enjoy reading the liner notes, and I’m so glad that iTunes gives you a .pdf version of the CD booklet when you buy an album. Among the acknowledgments for “Continuum” John says, “Eric Clapton knows I steal from him and is still cool with it.”

[Listening to: Dreaming With a Broken Heart – John Mayer – Continuum]

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