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She Said I’m Tragically Hip

hip.jpgSo last night was the 2nd in the set of seeing 3 of my top 5 favorite perfomers in a 3 month period. In February, it was Mr. Clapton. In April, it will be Mr. Buffett. Last night, it was The Tragically Hip. Little ol’ band out of Canadia. They did a fine job and loved their show, as always. They pulled a bit too much from the newer stuff. The newest album hasn’t really grabbed me, although I did like the last album.

I’ll post the full set list as soon as it becomes available on , but here are some of the highlights:

New Orleans is Sinking
Yer Not The Ocean
Little Bones
The Dire Wolf
At The Hundredth Meridian
Springtime in Vienna
Bobcaygeon [highlight of the show, in my view]
It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
Fiddler’s Green
Tush (yes, a ZZ Top cover)
Blow at High Dough

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