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Hotel India Papa

So one of my favourite bands, The Tragically Hip, are returning to Dallas for another show this year. The concert is this coming Friday, and I can’t wait.

This time, the show will be at the recently opened House of Blues in Dallas. This will be my first time to this HOB, so that will be a nice bonus. I like HOB in New Orleans – it is a great place to listen to great tunes and have a $5 beer. Sure it’s expensive and sure it’s a bit “corporate,” but they at least get it right. Dan Aykroyd is The Man. Plus, as James pointed out recently, they have a Foundation that does some charitable work, so I can feel good about listening to good tunes and having a beer.

I’ll let you know how the show is…I know you’re all dying to hear!

One thought on “Hotel India Papa

  1. Ed Deluzain

    A $5 beer in New Orleans?! When I was in high school, after I got my driver’s license at age 15, my parents would send me to a local restaurant/bar to get po’ boy sandwiches most Friday nights. Oyster loaves, fried shrimp, and fried softshell crab sandwiches. Catholics weren’t yet eating meat on Fridays. I’d order a draft beer while I waited, and they would bring me a fishbowl of beer in a very heavy stemmed glass for 25 cents. People didn’t call in their take-out orders back then; besides, I wanted to wait so I could drink me a beer. That was the coldest, smoothest beer in the world. My age? Not a problem. They never asked me for ID. I was a neighborhood kid, and they knew me. And they knew my parents. My parents knew what I was doing because I’m sure they could smell that beer on my breath, but they never said a word about it. I only ever had one beer, and I drank milk with my sandwich when I got home, like the rest of the family. But I felt so big drinking that beer with those people in that place. I was only 15-16-17 years old, but I felt like I was a man. Twenty-five cents. That’s all it was. Those were the days.

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