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Flight Memory is a site that lets you enter all the data from your previous airline flights. It produces a cool map drawing lines between all the cities you have flown. It also aggregates all the miles you’ve flown and produces interesting statistics, such as the number of times you have circumnavigated the Earth, your total flight miles in terms of trips to the moon or to the sun. There are some other neat things as well.

To see my personal flight history (which is incomplete as of this date) click on the banner below:

3 thoughts on “Flight Memory

  1. Spoonman

    I’m starting to forget where I parked my car at work. Where do you have this much intricate data stored? It might be time to update my PDA/Phone/GPS/Music Player device. 8^)

  2. Chris Moss Post author

    I found a lot of my old boarding passes or old statements from American Airlines and Delta frequent flyer programs. Now I store the data at!

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