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Wasteful Corporations

Here’s an interesting chat I had with the DISH network today. I love chatting with customer service and encourage it’s use whenever possible. The best reason to use a company’s chat feature is to document absurdities such as the one below:

Please wait while we find a representative to assist you…
You have been connected to (03)Don P.
(03)Don P: Welcome to Dish Network. How may I help you today?

Chris Moss: Hi Don. We had a damaged DVR and recently received a replacement…
(03)Don P: Okay.
Chris Moss: I am in the process of packing up the damaged DVR and sending it back…
Chris Moss: …the instructions indicate I need to note the RA# on the unit inside, but I don’t know what the RA# is. Can you provide that?
(03)Don P: Sure.
(03)Don P: Please give me 2 minutes while I check this for you.
Chris Moss: No worries, thanks.
(03)Don P: You are welcome.
(03)Don P: May I have the account number please?
Chris Moss: 8255xxxxxxxxx
(03)Don P: Thank you.
(03)Don P: Please give me 2 minutes while I pull up your account and assist you further.
Chris Moss: Sure, take your time.
(03)Don P: Thank you.
(03)Don P: Thank you for your patience.
(03)Don P: I see that the boxes are not yet sent to you.
(03)Don P: I will go ahead and send you the boxes.
Chris Moss: We need a different box? I thought we were to return it in the box in which the new unit arrived.
(03)Don P: No, I will send you the boxes so that you can return us the receivers.
Chris Moss: Is there an RA#?
(03)Don P: I am sorry without sending you the boxes we will not be able to provide you with the RA number.
(03)Don P: I have sent you the boxes.
Chris Moss: Well, sending more boxes seems wasteful. I have a perfectly usable box with packing material, and a UPS return label. I just need an RA#
(03)Don P: I have already sent the boxes to you.
Chris Moss: Well, there is no need for that. It is wasteful.
Chris Moss: If there is no RA# then I will just ship it without one.
(03)Don P: I understand your concern.
(03)Don P: However we do send separate boxes for the returning the receivers with the return labels.
Chris Moss: Please don’t send more boxes. It is wasteful.
(03)Don P: Please give me a minute here.
Chris Moss: I have the unit and box here with me at my office. It is all ready to go, I was just trying to fully comply with the request to include the RA#
(03)Don P: Okay.
(03)Don P: Thank you for your patience.
(03)Don P: The RA number is 22354087.
Chris Moss: Thank you.
(03)Don P: You are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Wasteful Corporations

  1. Ed Deluzain

    I think you were on the phone with a robot. I recently had a customer service conversation with someone who worked for Sony in the Philippines, and he asked me “which NBA team are you fanatical about?” I answered “none,” and he didn’t know what to say next. I was ordering a 7 dollar wrist chord for a camera, and we were probably on the phone long enough to run up a $70 bill. I actually got to like the guy, and his English wasn’t half bad. We talked about our families, our kids, and my granddaughter as he was typing away to find the item I wanted. I felt as though I had made a new international friend. You got a robot, though.

    By the way, I’m also sending you boxes. As is Beth and everybody you ever knew in Panama City. Expect an avalanche.

  2. Spoonman

    awwww… as someone who managed a sales chat queue I’m glad to say none of my reps were ever that bad… well maybe some, but I got rid of them quickly enough 😉

    However I find this conversation quintessentially Chris Moss, succinct, polite to a point, even abrupt, yet always manages to pull off adorable! How do you do it?

    When are y’all heading to Austin again… Oooo… come see the Christmas Concert…it’s gonna be good. Dec 8th or 9th.

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