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Not many people have real heroes in their lives. No, Britney doesn’t count.

I am fortunate to have several heroes in my life. James is of course one of my heroes – for the choices and sacrifices he has made in his life, and for the ways he deals with adversity as well as in our day-to-day lives.

Two other heroes of mine are our dear friends, Bobby and Ian. They announced a year ago that they were planning to adopt a child. They have spent a great amount of time, energy, money and effort to make this dream a reality. Navigating the path to parenthood is not easy for any same-gender couple. While James and I have both undertaken significant challenges in our lives, for a variety of reasons I’m not certain I’m up to task to take on the adoption process. Bobby and Ian have done it well, and their efforts should pay huge dividends.

Give their site a look and, if you’re so inclined, perhaps you might create a link to their website. This will help get their site noticed more by mothers searching for adoptive parents.

One thought on “Heroes

  1. Ian

    Ahhh, that is so sweet. Thank you for your kind words, Chris. And thank you for the link. I’m just so happy that our child will have such great uncles nearby. We will be depending on Uncle Chris to teach them all about geocaching 🙂

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