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Stop the Madness!

Peer pressure. It really is an awful thing, and I think one of the biggest reasons America in general is overweight. If you have enough will power to resist radio and TV ads for pizza and McDonald’s hamburgers, the last thing you need is friends or co-workers waiving such things in your face, practically shoving it down your throat. That is what happened to me today, in two different ways.

First, it was pizza. The office was buying pizza for lunch and people came around wanting to know what kind did I want. My answer was, “thanks, but I’ll be having my sandwich”. Well, they wouldn’t take no for an answer. 30 people wanted to know why I wasn’t eating their pizza. “It’s free!” afterall – the office is paying for it. My decision to eat a turkey sandwich has more to do with health than frugality. I told them I would eat with them (fellowship and all that), but I didn’t want to put pizza in my body.

Second came the office betting pool on the Super Bowl. I have no interest in the Super Bowl, unless some hottie is performing shirtless at half time. I also have no cash on me. You would have thought my producing my wallet and showing that it is empty would have made them leave me alone, but no! They were willing to take an IOU! The pressure I got to participate in this stupid thing was unrelenting. I’m actually still a little agitated by it. I just want to get my mountains of work done and instead I had to blog to vent.

So, the next time you think you’re being “nice” by trying to include people in the above, take no for an answer the first time. If people are eating healthy, maybe try to take a cue from them and follow their lead.

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