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The Wisdom of Teeth

One of our friends had his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. It reminded me that my dentist has recommended that I have this done. I suppose they recommend this to everyone, but no one has been able to satisfactorily justify to me why it should be done.

Originally, the cynical side of me assumed this was something dentists have been telling people to generate extra income. But my dentist doesn’t do this procedure but recommended a dentist. Maybe he gets a referral fee, I don’t know. I like and trust my dentist, but I’m still not convinced that paying money (surely it’s not 100% covered by my dental plan) and inflicting pain on myself is medically necessary until such time as I have a problem with my teeth (if ever), at which time they can come out.

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2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Teeth

  1. Anonymous Post author

    I had mine taken out a number of years ago. They were starting to grow and were pushing against my other teeth. I actually had soreness because of it. If I had let it go on, the wisdom teeth would have pushed my teeth out of alignment. Now I still have my two upper wisdom teeth. The doc said that unless they start to grow, I don’t need to worry about them. So if yours aren’t moving, you may not need to remove them. Of course, if you listen to me, you’ll be taking advice from someone with a CIS degree instad of an MD. Not to mention, a loser at munchkin.

  2. Anonymous Post author

    I suspect that if my lowers h
    I suspect that if my lowers had been removed at about age 20, I would have not had my bottom teeth get crooked. I had braces and other orthodontic appliance for about 8 years. No problems since, however.

    You’re not a loser at Munchkin, just a non-winner.

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