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4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th is a great holiday – not just for what it represents and means, but also for all the fun things that go along with it. Right in the middle of summer, people are relaxed and usually get together for food, fun, fireworks and frivolity.

When I was a kid, we spent our July 4ths on Lake O’ the Pines. We would always procure massive amounts of fireworks from a local stand and spend the evenings shooting them off. I miss those days. I enjoy the big Independence Day extravaganzas in the metroplex like Addison’s Kaboom Town and Frisco Freedom Fest. It’s hard to beat a small town July 4th celebration, though. And it’s really quite something to create your own fireworks show. Sadly, there’s not anywhere nearby where we can safely and legally light our own fireworks. We’ll have to see about changing that.

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