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It’s been a pretty good week so far, except that I have a bit of a cold. Not surprising given that the temperatures here have been up and down quite a bit. 30 one day then 70 the next, then 40. It’s sunny and about 70 today but supposed to rain on the weekend and only be 49.

Fortunately, I won’t be here to experience that. I’m leaving tomorrow to go visit my friends Tim & Kate in St. Pete. Kate gave birth to their first baby, Isaac, 3 months ago. I have waited about as long as I can so that the parade of grandparents, etc could subside. One of my neighbors has been comissioned to create something special for young Isaac but I don’t think it will be ready for this trip. Will give me a reason to go back.

James is probably about ready to kill me. I have this trip to St. Pete, then about 2 weeks later I am going to DC for the asbestos conference, and yesterday I booked a trip to London – departing just 2 days after I get back from DC. Going for a “mileage run” so we can have enough miles for James and I to travel to Australia in Business Class. Paul and I spent hours looking at fares and various ways to maximize the miles for the fare, and then the direct flights came down to $330 all inclusive (what I refer to as “tax, title & license”)…so, we’re doing it. More about London later.

You may have noticed a couple of links over there on the right side of people who you may not know who they are. Well, I didn’t want to just recycle the same lists of all my friends! But more importantly, the Iron Knee blog belongs to my high school English teacher. I stumbled onto his site some months back, and he’s (naturally) a great writer but also very articulate about a lot of issues near and dear to my heart. Plus, he’s pretty damn funny. I finally sent him an e-mail recently and we have been trading marathon e-mail exchanges for the past several days, and it’s great. Please give his site a read – he is fairly prolific and his is a site to check every day.

I also added a link to “DetourLeft”, the personal site of Kathleen Anderson, who is dating my friend Todd Davis out of San Jose, CA. Todd sent me the link to her site some time back and Kathleen is quite the photographer. She also has some home grown music and poems that are most certainly worth a review. She and Todd travel quite a bit and there are great photos of some of the more exotic locales of the world.


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