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In all this geocaching stuff, there is a cache about .3 miles from my house. The website lists the closest ones to your house, and puts a nice, big red check mark next to the ones you have found. Well, #2 on my list has not been checked, because I haven’t been able to find it. It wasn’t for a lack of looking. I’ve been by three times and searched and searched but couldn’t find it. The same guy who owns it has many in the area, and I’m learning his style. And, I’ve found several that have a difficulty rating higher than the one I can’t find.

It really drives me crazy because I drive past the spot where it is supposed to be EVERY day.

Well, someone else finally logged that they couldn’t find it either, so the guy who owns the cache went to check on it and confirmed that it is missing! Yay! I’m not glad that something happened to it, I’m just glad that I wasn’t crazy or insufficiently dilligent!

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  1. Anonymous Post author

    And I’m glad that everytime we drive past that damn corner, you will no longer get that lustful look in your eye like a madman (directed at the wall that is).

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