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Mash it Up!

Mash ups are multiple songs mixed together to make a new song. I first heard about this concept a few weeks back, went to a website, and didn’t like what I heard. Ian mentioned yesterday one he found that was good, and when I walked in the door today from a meeting, James was listening to it.

The mash up in question can be found at DJ Earworm’s site and the title is “No One Takes Your Freedom.” It is a bit like a symphony, the way clips from the various tracks are blended together. This is especially true towards the end, as you hear George Michael singing the word “freedom” repeatedly, from his song of the same name, and Aretha Franklin singing the refrain “freedom….freedom…whoa-oh FREEDOM” from her hit “Think.” It’s like they’re the same song, and it’s pretty amazing.

This one really works well, and hopefully it will inspire these DJs doing mash ups to take it to the next level.

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Current music: “Policy of Sweet Dreams” – Depeche Mode vs. Eurythmics – DJ Earworm

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