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Haircut Philosophy

I hate getting my hair cut. But, I also don’t like my hair too long. In a perfect world, I could get my hair cut quickly at a convenient time and place about every 3 weeks. But I don’t like investing the time required to get my hair cut – inevitably I end up waiting quite a bit.

Until recently, this wasn’t a problem. For about 3 years, there was a stylist at the local JC Penney who did a really great job cutting my hair, and she was usually running on time. I could call up, make an appointment, get in and out, and quite happy with the product. The only stressful bit was that I never know how to handle tipping a hair stylist. The price at JC Penney varies depending on the seniority/skill level of your stylist, and the one I liked cost $20 for shampoo/cut/dry.

I tipped her a couple bucks a couple of times, but I found it awkward. When I paid, I would use a credit card, and they always ask, “Do you want to put anything extra on your card?” Is this a tip? It was never clear. If I said yes, they would just hand me whatever cash amount I said (e.g. “three dollars”). So, then I would have to walk back to the salon area and hand her the money or put it on her workstation. I just thought it was weird. I don’t understand the tip phenomenon, anyway, I figure the price is whatever the price is.

So, I decided I wasn’t going to give her a tip each visit, and I just gave her $40 extra at Christmas, like a Christmas bonus. She cut my hair about every 5 weeks, so that probably worked out better for her, it made me feel better about it, so I was happy.

Then, she moved to Phoenix.

Although I’m not really picky about my hair (like some people I know – good lord!), I have had a really difficult time finding a good sylist that I want to keep going back to. A couple of the others at JC Penney have been downright horrible. One lady cut my hair following my natural part, rather than the way I asked her/had it when I came in. After that, I just went where James goes – to Supercuts. It costs only $12. I wasn’t optimistic, but it was a pretty decent cut. But, I decided to try Penney’s again, and this lady drew $27 for the same service. She cut my hair along the natural part, too, and now I don’t want to go back.

Yesterday, I got it cut at Supercuts again, and again the cut was fine. I’d rather pay $11.95 and tip her $3 and get in and out than pay so much more at JC Penney’s – even if I could get a decent cut there. So, for the time being, I’m going to Supercuts.

2 thoughts on “Haircut Philosophy

  1. Anonymous Post author

    Don’t forget coupons
    And if you go to their website and sign up for their email reminders, they will send you an email with a coupon for a buck off your chop (you choose how frequently you get reminded).

  2. Ian Post author

    Such a Pain
    Finding a new hairstylist is such a pain. There is a period of training involved where you teach them what you like and they teach you their lingo so you can ask for what you want. (I love run-on sentences). As for tips – if I really like the cut, I’ll tip $3-4. If I don’t like it, I’ll only tip about $1. Oh, and you have to factor in the shampoo. Sometimes they do a massage with the shampoo that is wonderful. I’ll tip well for that. I love a great scalp massage 🙂

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