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Need Your Confidence in a Most Urgent Matter

Anyone else get sick of those Nigerian scam emails? You know, the ones from the Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria who happens to have $24 million in a foreign account that he urgently needs your confident help in to get it back to Nigeria? Thank god he stumbled onto your trustworthy free E-mail account!

Anyway, there is a site called that takes the perpetrators of this fraud to task. 419 refers to the Nigerian law meant to combat this scam industry. Some guy got bored and decided to monkey with the person on the sending end of those emails. The site does a good job of explaining why and how they do what they do. The funniest part is called “The Trophy Room.” They have gotten these scammers to take photos of themselves and send by e-mail. The guys scamming (“baiting”) the scammers always ask for them to hold a sign or object to “prove” that the photo is of that person. The Trophy Room is a collection of alleged scammers holding signs that say pretty ridiculous things on them (since the scammers don’t really speak English or grasp our culture, it works brilliantly).

Have a look at the Trophy Room and look at some of the people who may have sent you these e-mails.

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