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Air Rage Incidents Increasing


Recorded incidents of “air rage” (similar to “road rage”) have increased 16.5% since 2014.  What’s causing this increase?  Alcohol?  Are people getting “meaner”?  Are the airlines getting less reasonable?

I agree with the frequent flyer interviewed for the below piece that it’s unlikely to be alcohol.  Alcohol has been served on planes for decades.  He also mentions less personal space.  That suggestion has merit, but airlines have toyed with space for a long time, too.  However, flights tend to be very full more often these days, and that may have more to do with it.

My personal observation is that people often have a sense of entitlement, particularly when flying.  The airlines’ advertising campaigns create images of a luxury experience that doesn’t match reality.  The first clue should be the super-cheap fares that persist in today’s competitive market. Also, we’re told we’ll be welcomed into a world of privilege and perks – if only we select the right credit card!  The deck is stacked against passengers before they fly, and we normally encounter so many affronts to our personal space and dignity (TSA, anyone?) before we ever step foot in that crowded, compressed metal tube flying 500mph through the air.  It’s only human nature to snap sometimes, but we all need to learn to be more respectful of others when we travel.

‘Air Rage’ Forces Delta Flight to Land as Cases Soar

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