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Pleasant Company

Today was a day with some very pleasant company. I had lunch with my dear friend and former Chubb colleage, Gary. We meet for lunch every so often and it’s always a marathon – about 2 hours. And it’s not enough time for us to talk about all the things we want to say. We (and our partners) are having dinner next Wednesday, so I’m already looking forward to that. As a bonus, he went with me about 5 blocks from the restaurant to get a quick geocache! It was a beautiful day – sunny and cloudless and 80 🙂

Tonight Bobby and Ian came over for dinner and a nice chat. I had to run by the store so I was a little late but fortunately James had already started dinner, so that went quickly. I made chocolate-chip cookies to make up for it. They turned out a bit thinner and crispier than usual but still yummy. Bobby and I were discussing how nice it is that despite having just spent 3 days with each other in fairly close quarters, we are still wanting to do dinners and now we are already thinking about another trip in the fall. We really do get on well and are more like family than anything else. Thanks for coming over, my brothahs!

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  1. Anonymous Post author

    Cookie Monster
    If you are making cookies like that again, I’ll come over anytime. They were DE-lish! I stuffed myself.

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