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Meat Orgy

Today, lunch was shared with my boss and a colleage at Texas de Brazil. You have a salad bar and then the gauchos bring you meat. Lots of it. All kinds: several kinds of beef and steak, chicken, pork, lamb and sausage. Yum! The gauchos are strolling waiters who wander around carrying skewers of meat. You have a coaster on your table that is red on one side (stop) and green on the other (go). If you have green facing up, each gaucho will stop by your table to offer whatever meat he is carrying. Let’s say it’s lamb. Well, I don’t care for lamb, so I say “no thanks.” Then another one comes by, and he might have sausage. Well, I’ve already got some sausage on my plate, so I say “no thanks.” Then another comes by with steak, so I say “yes, please.” He slices a piece of meat off the skewer and you grab it with little tongs each person has as part of their place setting.

The food is quite good. Gabe had a 15% off coupon, so that made it relatively affordable ($15) for lunch. Otherwise, it’s a bit steeper. I think dinner is close to $50/person. And the service was actually excellent – it’s been quite a while since I’ve experienced service that good.

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