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The Power of Music

A very close friend, Ian, posted a really great thought about the power and beauty of music, and how important his music is to him. Well, music has always been very critical to me, too, and I commented there about this Elton John song.

So there are a lot of songs that mean a lot to me, and that’s probably true for a lot of people, and maybe periodically we can talk about them on our blogs. I’ll mention one that is a good song, but not necessarily important to me, but really illustrates dual (or multiple) meanings of songs. Jimmy Buffett recorded “Savannah Fare You Well,” written by someone you’ve never heard of named Hugh Prestwood. The author grew up in Savannah, Georgia and wrote the song about escaping the constraints of a dying relationship and the town that represented it. Read the lyrics in the link with that in mind. The imagery is very strong, and the meaning is clear.

Now read the lyrics again with the knowledge that Jimmy Buffett’s oldest daughter, who was leaving the nest for college when he recorded this song, is named Savannah.

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