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Look What I Made!

Finally got around to placing my first geocache. James went with me to walk the dogs and find a cache, and we stopped at Sam’s on the way home to pick up a few things. I stayed with the dogs in the car, and to pass the time I made a cache container by pulling out the innards of a Bic pen that no longer wrote. I found some paper and rolled it up tight into the pen cylinder (I’m not clever enough to have thought of this on my own – someone has a cache like this) and I put it out nearby and captured the coordinates in the GPS. It finally was posted to the site this morning, and somone found it within two hours and posted this comment:

This was funny. Looked at obvious spot, and didn’t see what I thought I was looking for. Gave up within a minute because of the really heavy muggle traffic. While driving back to work, I said to Grim, I think I looked right at it and discounted it. Went back quick. Got really close with the car to provide cover, and grabbed it. Nice camo. 1st time there I just ignored it, but that was it.

I really love the night caches and want to create one of those as soon as I can source the little dime-sized reflectors needed. If anybody knows where I can get these, let me know!

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  1. Anonymous Post author

    How cool!
    I can’t wait to help Ian make one. I want to make a really hard, riddle based one though!

    Also, I can’t believe you put it up yesterday and people have already found it!

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