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Inconvenience Store

Saturday was spent doing political things like putting up big signs and planning strategery (thanks W!). About 3 I got home and printed off clues to go geocaching with the dogs. We all had a great time. I’ve gotten 83 caches now and I’m only 7 away from having all the Frisco caches done.

I took some water for the dogs in a squirt bottle like usual (they love to drink it that way – it’s refreshing, and it’s fun!) but I didn’t take something for me. I decided I would splurge and get a soda, a Coke C-2 was what I wanted – that’s the one with half the sugar/calories. I pulled into a convenience store that used to be branded Mobil, and I won’t buy from them or Exxon for a variety of reasons. Now it’s branded Shell so now I can stop there.

Despite their having a C-2 sign in the window, they didn’t carry that product. They had 10 flavors of Gatorade and 20 flavors of Snapple, but no C-2. My second choice was Arizona iced tea, but again, no joy. They had 2 kinds of green tea, though. Well, way off in the back I found 16 oz GLASS bottles of Coca-Cola. If you’ve only ever had Coke out of a plastic bottle or alumnium can or the fountain, then you don’t know what Coke is meant to taste like. I was *SO* excited to find this. I bought my Coke and a Lotto ticket to use as a prize in a cache I was placing.

Then I asked her to open the bottle for me. They don’t *have* a bottle opener. Unbelievable.

I went outside and found a sturdy edge and tried the ol’ pop-the-bottlecap-off-on-a-sturdy-edge trick but to no avail. Then I found a key ring in the car and tried prying it open with that. Well, I used too much pressure and cracked the opening in the process. No Coke to be had from a glass bottle today. 🙁

But, other than that it was a fun and productive day.

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