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Meet the Cachers

One of the things I did on Saturday was place a new cache. This one is a night-time only cache that uses reflectors to lead you to the final cache. I have been wanting to place a night cache for quite some time now. The problem was finding the reflectors. I looked at Wal-Mart and similar places but finally had to send e-mails to the people who had used these small reflectors before. They answered “Academy” and then that same night, Bobby, Ian and I ended up going night-caching and found one that contained as a prize a pack of 50 of these trail reflectors! Yay!

So Saturday, Bosley and Colby helped me set this up. It was approved overnight last night and I figured the first people to hunt it would be out tonight. One of the things some cachers like to do is to try to be the “First to Find,” or FTF. So as it was getting dark I drove over to the park where the cache is and sure enough there were two cars in the parking lot and as I hit the trail I could see flashlights in the woods ahead of me. I walked slowly and came up on them as they were writing in the log. It was great to meet other cachers “on the trail” and we ended up chatting for a bit and they told me about another elaborate night cache about 70 miles north of here similar to the ones Bobby and Ian and I did recently.

One of the neat things about the place where we found the other cache is that it is teeming with wildlife. We could constantly hear critters around us. I remarked to Bobby & Ian while walking through the woods that if I were at home watching a good slasher movie, I’d be too scared to move or go to sleep, but walking through pitch black woods at 11:00 at night didn’t scare me one bit. It was great fun, and this is one of the few places near the Metroplex where you can see the stars – and it was a particularly pretty night. We saw a skunk and several armadillos. Fortunately, the skunk didn’t spray – he just kind of waddled away.

I hope that there are a lot more night caches in the area soon!

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