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Death of a Lawnmower

When we moved into EGB, in January 2001, we had to start mowing right away. They planted winter rye grass along with the Bermuda. Buying a house depletes you of cash, so I went the cheap route and bought a Black & Decker “Grass Hog” electric mower. I know me – I hate having to go get gasoline before mowing. The mower ended up working great, and we got 4 1/2 mowing seasons out of a $169 investment. Today it finally died just as I was finishing up the back. Electrical smoke started coming out of the spot where you plug the extension cord it – I guess there was a short. I could probably fix it, but I have already fixed this mower a couple of times and brought it back from the brink and now it’s time to let go.

The replacement will be a gas mower but still on the cheap end.

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