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Coke C2 vs: Pepsi Edge

I don’t like diet sodas. They always have a weird taste that I can’t get used to. I just drink water most of the time. But, every now and then I crave a Coke.

Recently I discovered Coke’s C2 – this is the product that has half the sugar. It’s not diet, it just has less sugar in it. I like it – I can’t tell much of a difference from regular Coke. Today since I did so much work around the house, I thought it would be okay to have some Coke. Well, we don’t have any in the house but I did find some Pepsi. I had 2 Pepsis this afternoon and then I went to get another just now. We were out, but we do have some “Pepsi Edge.” This is the product Pepsi thinks competes with C2. In my opinion, Pepsi Edge is a diet drink, C2 is not.

Pepsi Edge has half the sugar like C2, but they put artificial sweetners in it, too. They had to complicate it, and they messed it up. C2 just has less sugar; it’s simple, really!

So there is half a can of Pepsi Edge on my desk if anyone wants it.

Current mood: Still satisfied 🙂
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Bonus question: Can anyone tell me what the above song has in common with the song I was listening to in my last post? Hint: It’s not because they have cities in their titles.

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  1. Anonymous Post author

    They put aspartame (nutrasweet) in C2. Pepsi Edge has Splenda (I think Coke put a very little amount of aspartame in, Edge is half splenda and half sugar…technically it has the same amount of “sugar additive” that a regular Pepsi does, just half the calories). I think they both wanted to go all splenda originally but splenda production wasn’t sufficient. The new Pepsi One (black can) is all Splenda. Supposedly the Splenda is supposed to be more normal tasting in a drink than any other fake sweetener. I’ve tried C2 and Pepsi Edge. I prefer Coke over Pepsi so I’m already biased but I liked C2 better. Pepsi is too sweet in general I think.

    But the winner for me is always Dr. Pepper!

  2. Anonymous Post author

    Funny you mentioned this
    Just got this in our company newsletter.
    Pepsi-Cola North America (PCNA) will discontinue Pepsi Edge mid-calorie cola by the end of the year, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Dave DeCecco, director of public relations for PCNA, told the newspaper that the mid-calorie segment has not met expectations. “People give us credit for trying new things,” he said. “Consumers are more interested in zero-calorie diet colas, so we’re going to focus our energy on Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One.”

    The article says the news raises questions about the future of Coke’s mid-calorie cola, C2. Coke says it will continuing selling C2 and recently expanded C2’s packaging to include 2-liters and 12-packs. Yet the article notes the product has not had a strong start.

    I have to say, C2 is much closer to regular coke than PE is to regular pepsi. But if I have a choice, I choose Dr. Pepper. Don’t tell my boss 😉

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