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Star Wars I Have Seen

This weekend has been quite productive thus far. Friday night I got some cleaning done aroud the house and also went shopping at Lowe’s to get everything I need to paint the house. And today I started painting the house. I am sanding, priming and repainting the wood trim on our house. Two sides got prepped and half-way primed (only half on the first because the sun moved and only have on the second because the sun went down). So I should finish priming and then painting the sides of the house tomorrow. Next weekend I’ll probably just do the back and then the weekend after, the front.

Tonight we had dinner with Ian and Brian at Samui, then James, Ian and I decided to go see Star Wars. I’m not a huge fan or anything, and the last two (Episodes I and II) weren’t really all that. But, I wanted to see it and this one did not disappoint. It was really great to see this old saga finally come full circle. The effects were amazing as one would expect, some have said the dialogue was lacking – I guess that’s probably accurate but this epic is more about the story and what happens (well, and of course the effects). Go see it.

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  1. Anonymous Post author

    Star Wars Seen I Have
    “Star Wars, Seen … I Have” would have been more Yoda 🙂

    That little bugger can move 🙂

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