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For some reason I had too much energy last night and didn’t hit the sheets until after 4 am. Got up just before noon. After breakfast and morning news, I didn’t get outside back to my slave labor until after 1pm. I got the east side of the house completely primed and started painting a bit. I don’t like the color. Well, I’ll say that when I see it in better light I could like it but I don’t think it’s dark enough. We’ll see.

I don’t usually blog about things like sun tea, but we made sun tea today like we usually do, and Brian has been growing some spices, including mint. Sun tea with lime and fresh mint rocks!

This evening we caught up for dinner with Ian, Brian and Layton at Taco Diner. I’m not a big fan…although the food is spicey and flavorful (as I like it) it is unfortunately also a bit dry. But, the margaritas were excellent and we sat outside in the patio area and I could have sat there with that group for hours longer.

We wandered over to the Angelika Film Center to see a new movie called Crash. I forget who recommended this film, but thank goodness we went. This was a very powerful and moving film – one of the best movies I have ever seen. Might not be in my Top 10 but definitely in my Top 20.

Always nice to spend a lot of time with my good friends on the weekend, and even better when we share good food, drink and entertaining films.

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