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Nice long weekend, got a few things done and caught up on some much needed relaxing.

Yesterday we had a block party during the afternoon, then in the evening we went over to Bobby & Ian’s for dinner. They had a few people over, and it was a great deal of fun. While I was over there (while playing air hockey with Ian, as a matter of fact) I realized how totally comfortable and at home I feel at their house. We caught up with some people we know, and also their friends Jeff and Jeremy, who we don’t see too often. They are very pleasant comany and are going on a cruise next week. Something James & I have yet to do but would like to. One day when visa issues are sorted out.

Anyway, it’s always nice to catch up with our close friends and even nicer when you’re grateful for them in the present. Thanks guys, for a great Memorial Day! 🙂

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