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Sentenced to More Meetings

Well, I asked for it so I only have myself to blame. I was appointed to the City of Frisco’s Planning & Zoning Commission tonight.

It was a pretty exciting meeting, even if I hadn’t been a candidate. 39 people applied and there were 5 spots available. 1 was for the remaining 12 months of a two-year term, due to a recent resignation. 4 are full two-year terms. I wasn’t among those nominated for the 1 year term, but I was the first name nominated for the first of the full two-year terms. 2 more people were nominated (both of whom were later appointed) and I was appointed.

Without going into too much detail, there were a lot of nominations and votes required to fill out the remaining slots. It was really a nail-biter for the others who were nominated.

I’m really looking forward to this and hope to make a difference on the long-term liveability and appeal of Frisco. I’m sure I’ll have stories to tell along the way.

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0 thoughts on “Sentenced to More Meetings

  1. Anonymous Post author

    You already know this, but I’m extremely proud of you for making this happen. Now we’ll finally get some freeways through those neighborhoods we have never liked!

  2. Anonymous Post author

    First on my agenda is to get on-ramps from Eaglebend Ln on to 121, then a tunnel from Eaglebend Ln directly to Norris Dr in The Colony, with restricted access for only a few select, special friends 🙂

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