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Work, work, work

…big pile of it and the boss is abroad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Work has been more than interesting lately. Wow. I’ve actually been a bit excited about it. We recently obtained some work for a syndicate of Lloyd’s of London, The Catlin Group. Catlin has found a niche in writing insurance to an association of commercial warehouses. My group at work has been designated (written into the policies) as the claims managers for all losses in North America.

Utopia Beckons

Okay, maybe it isn’t utopia but nonetheless one of my fav-o-rite places in the whole wide world. James and I knew we would be going this year at least, but now we have a good idea when and that there will be “big doin’s” and other reasons to celebrate and generally be happy.
So now all I have to say is this:

Well I hope you understand, I just had to go back to the island
And watch the sun go down
Hear the sea roll in
I’ll be thinking of you
And how it might have been
Hear the night bird cry
Watch the sun set down
Well I hope you understand, I just had to go back to the island

More profound posts on this topic to follow.

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Current music: Back to the Island – Jimmy Buffett

A Golden Band

I don’t know how many country songs have been made about the significance of wedding bands, but I need one. I’ve wanted James and I to have a nice matched set for a while now, but it is quickly progressing to a need rather than just an “I want.”

I stopped to get my hair cut today and the 40ish divorcee cutting my hair was pretty much shamelessly flirting with me. Ordinarily, even when it’s a cute guy, I’m pretty oblivious to these things. It either dawns on me later on or well after I should have noticed it. Well, it was way past the point I should have noticed it and I suddenly became uncomfortable by it; it actually freaked me out a little. I guess part of it has to do with the fact that I couldn’t just make up a reason to leave, as you could do if you were simply having a conversation with someone. She was in the middle of cutting my hair! Where’s Layton when you need him??? ๐Ÿ™‚

For you straight men who might be interested, she’s 40-ish, recently divorced, likes antiques and kids. She’s definitely not unattractive and seems to take care of herself; but then again she is a fish! In the mean time, I need a wedding band – or maybe a crucifix.

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Birthdate: 03/22/1971
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: 2 (blue)
Hair: Brown, short
Reside: Frisco, TX (a suburb of Dallas)
Hobbies: Travel, music, computers, running
Partner: [weblink:93|James Nunn]

I was born into a poor sharecropper’s family on the humid banks of the muddy Mississippi Delta….wait, scratch that. Wrong biography.

3/22/1971 – Born in Spring Branch hospital, Houston, TX.

1/23/73 – Brother, Jason, born in Houston.

Fall ’74 – moved to Kinston, NC

Winter ’75 – moved to Santa Barbara, CA. I have memories of a camping trip my parents took us on, which involved a pop-up camper trailer and sticking our feet in a stream that had algae on the rocks…I remember the slimy feel of the algae on my feet and the smell of new canvas shoes my mom bought my brother and I for the trip. I also remember having “avocado wars” with other kids in the neighborhood. We lived in a rented house that was near a small avocado grove.

Summer ’76 – moved to Orlando, FL. Here I started school at Shenandoah Elementary and attended Kiddygarten and 1st grade there. I remember most things from then on. We lived on a street called Arajo Ct and we used to tear up and down our street on Big Wheels. I must have gone through 3 of those. We also had a Green Machine, which you steered with levers that turned the back wheels. My dad built a race car that my brother and I pushed each other around in, although somehow I’m sure he pushed me more than I pushed him. I learned how to ride a bicycle, it was a blue Schwinn that I would push myself around on and lift my feet up until I could keep my balance while pedalling. One time I was following my dad’s car as he was going somewhere and I rear-ended him on my bike! My brother had fallen over or something on the sidewalk, so I was looking at him and my dad had stopped his car – WHAM! I must have blacked out briefly because I woke up on the couch. I don’t remember apologizing for denting the car.