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City Issues

Sentenced to More Meetings

Well, I asked for it so I only have myself to blame. I was appointed to the City of Frisco’s Planning & Zoning Commission tonight.

It was a pretty exciting meeting, even if I hadn’t been a candidate. 39 people applied and there were 5 spots available. 1 was for the remaining 12 months of a two-year term, due to a recent resignation. 4 are full two-year terms. I wasn’t among those nominated for the 1 year term, but I was the first name nominated for the first of the full two-year terms. 2 more people were nominated (both of whom were later appointed) and I was appointed.

Without going into too much detail, there were a lot of nominations and votes required to fill out the remaining slots. It was really a nail-biter for the others who were nominated.