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Bobby introduced us to a game called Munchkin, which is great fun. It contains cards that you draw and the game unfolds based on the cards the players draw and the way they are played. You can even create your own cards to add a new element to the game.

Here are some Monopoly cards I’d like to see.

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My Nova

Chevrolet’s introduction of its car, the “Nova” into Latin American countries is the subject of an urban myth about the failure to plan in business. “No va” translates to “doesn’t go” in Spanish and for some reason this has become a tale that is cited in otherwise very credible textbooks about an international business blunder, however it isn’t true.

A Trip to the Lake

Pardon the delays in posting – it’s been a very hectic week as you’ll soon see.

On Saturday, James and I headed up to Lake Texoma in order to attend a friend’s wedding. They rented a houseboat and we took off for a beach on the lake. The wedding took place on a beach, then we re-boarded and cruised around for a while. I have to say it was quite enjoyable, as we had the chance to chat for a long time with Kathy Seei, as well as getting to know her husband, Bob, a bit better. Bob is a really neat guy and reminds me of the types of friends my parents had when I was growing up. It was great to get out on a lake on a boat like that, because that is how I spent most of my weekends and summers when I was a kid. It reminded me how much I miss it, and how easily I could slip back into that kind of weekend life. Here’s my perfect weekend, if I had a boat.

Things in Boxes

After our successful shopping trip to IKEA over a week ago, I now have a nice system of bookshelves in my office. I have started unpacking boxes of things that have been in my office. Some of the boxes haven’t been opened since before we moved in 4.5 years ago. Some haven’t been opened even before that, and were packed on one of my many moves before I landed in Frisco 7 years ago.

It’s a bit like a time capsule, opening these boxes and going through things I haven’t seen or thought about in years. Some things I found:

A Sony Walkman (cassette) with a mix tape for running filled with The Tragically Hip. The batteries still worked and I listened to a bit of music. That will be donated to because I don’t need a cassette player.

My Anguillan drivers license (dated Aug ’99)

Greeting cards from birthdays and Christmases gone by. Also found cards from co-workers wishing me luck when I left State Farm.

LPs (as in, vinyl records) of some of Jimmy Buffett’s older albums. These were gifts – I’ve only ever purchased his music in CD or live concert form. Maybe I should try to get a complete set (or as complete as possible – I guess they don’t press new albums).

1998 Interstate Exit Authority – a guide to what you’ll find at every interstate exit. This was a gift when I started on the National Catastrophe Team – I think Tim Dayton or Greg Gallop must have given it to me. Tim Dayton for sure gave me a journal to write in when I travelled, I have seen that one recently.


Nice long weekend, got a few things done and caught up on some much needed relaxing.

Yesterday we had a block party during the afternoon, then in the evening we went over to Bobby & Ian’s for dinner. They had a few people over, and it was a great deal of fun. While I was over there (while playing air hockey with Ian, as a matter of fact) I realized how totally comfortable and at home I feel at their house. We caught up with some people we know, and also their friends Jeff and Jeremy, who we don’t see to often. They are very pleasant comany and are going on a cruise next week. Something James & I have yet to do but would like to. One day when visa issues are sorted out.