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7 Hours at O’Hare

Warning – this is a real rant.

Friday sucked. I really don’t mind traveling, it’s the delays I hate. And lately, it seems like there is always a delay. In my case, none of my flights really went off without a hitch. My originally scheduled flight on Thursday morning from DFW to O’Hare was cancelled and I was accomodated on a flight to Detroit. That flight wasn’t full, so I guess that was a nice benefit to AA. My meeting finished up much earlier than I expected on Thursday, so I tried to get back to Dallas on Thursday night. That would have been good for me, the company and our client – because it would have saved them money (my billable travel time). But, I was unable to find a return flight. I considered just driving that rental car to Chicago or even to Dallas, but I figured I had better not given the lack of sleep I was operating on at the time (see previous entry about my bout of insomnia). What I really needed was a good night’s sleep.

75 Minutes in Michigan

Sometimes I have to travel for work. Generally, I don’t mind short trips. It’s nice to see different parts of the country and I kind of like travelling anyway. So I generally don’t mind. I had to take a trip this week that was really poorly timed. The opportunity cost of the things that weren’t getting done while I would be away was my primary objection to the trip, although it also cost a lot (in my view) and took too long.

Mid-West Moments

I’m heading off to Indianapolis in the morning. Just saying that sounds boring. My boss and I are making a presentation on Friday morning to a company headquartered there. Back on Friday afternoon. I actually like these quick trips for just a day or two. It’s a nice break from the routine and although I miss James and the dogs, it’s not a long time and gives me something to look forward to (coming home to them).

Plus I get to put a new pin in my map – never been to Indianapolis before. I’ll report back when I return – unless it was boring, in which case we’ll never speak of it again.