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Where in the World?

So where’ve I been? Well I did some travelling for work about a month ago, but other than that, I’ve been around – just exceptionally busy. James and I have both been busy for about six months or so, with one thing or another. As mentioned in a previous post, I now have some extra work at the office and I’ve been putting in 10 and 12 hour days for about 3 weeks now. I did manage to avoid going in on the weekend, because I figured 60 hours M-F of last week was enough!

Unfortunately for me, the excess work will continue for at least a few more weeks until some of this new work begins to settle down. At least the work itself is pretty interesting for the most part.

I have to mention that we were watching “Drawn Together” last night, and it’s a very funny show. It’s not for everyone because it really pushes all the boundaries and basically attempts to offend everyone, but all in good fun. The show last night involving Princess Clara’s “Extreme Makeover” just about made me fall on the floor laughing.

Site Visitors

Somehow I ran across a tool to show the number of unique visitors to this site. I don’t know how to do it other than the link that was sent to me, but perhaps James can tell you how to do it.

Anyway, it seems there are about 60 regular, unique visitors to this site. First I’ll say that I think each of you is unique, just like everyone else. But I had no idea that 60 people read the innane ramblings from my mind. Maybe 60 isn’t all that impressive to some of you, but I figgered it was more like ten. I can count on two hands the number of people to whom I’ve even mentioned that I have a blog.

Anyway, I suppose that may inspire me to post more often. At least temporarily, after which time my interest will wane, like a kid wanting tuba lessons, and drift back to doing more important things with my time, like working.

Shuttle Launch Thoughts

It is about T-3 hours before launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. While perusing the NASA site and other news sources about it, I became suddenly overcome with emotion.

Space exploration is inherently dangerous and our astronauts are heroes, period. The Challenger and Columbia tragedies were horrible, and it’s not the fear that something might happen to them that causes that emotion. I thought about what it means to return to space, the pride and honor that comes with that, and about the pride the astronauts and NASA staff must be feeling.

But I also thought about the fear that the astronauts and their families must be feeling. Hopefully they are able to put that in check. It will probably be a difficult two weeks for some.

Safe travels, dear friends. We’re proud of you. Come back to us safely.